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Bound Angel Designs is a blog about sewing corsets, sewing clothing to wear with the corseted and non corseted figure in mind, and planning these projects. Explore these topics with me as I share my adventures
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Blog Goals for 2017 and 2018

Blog Goals 2017 – 2018

 Ending 2017 and Plunging into 2018

I was talking with my friend Sarah, of Seam/stress Sitch, were talking the other day about different projects we have, and getting them done. One of the things that came in that discussion was blogs. Sarah and I have decided we were going to be each other’s moral support for starting our blogs. It’s been something we’ve both toyed with, started, dropped and restarted. We’ve decided that we’re both making it a goal to get our blogs up and running.

I want to blog about corsetry and sewing because these are two major parts of my life, and I feel there is a lot of misinformation out there about corsetry specifically. I’ve been making corsets off and on for about 10 years now, and while I don’t have the motivation to make it my day job, I know I have a lot of information stored in my brain that can help others.

This will also be a cathartic experience for me. I’m seeing a grief counselor to help me with processing my mom’s death. I know she would not want me to give up B.A.D. so this is my way of honoring her and pushing forward.

So, without further ado….

Blog Goals for 2017 and 2018

My Goals for What’s Left of 2017 and 2018

1. Post At Least Once a Week

Keeping what I already know about corsetry in my head only doesn’t help anyone else. I need to get this information out there. This will also enable you, my lovely readers, to follow along with my discoveries, mishaps, and victories for both sewing and wearing corsets regularly.

Some of the projects I have planned are:
* October Themed posts: Making something from a pattern/tutorial that currently scares me
* A sewing 101 project that will get most beginners prepared for most of the sewing projects they want to pursue
* A single layer daily underbust
* A single layer daily underbust with garter straps
* Modernize a 14th century women’s kirtle pattern
* Difference between tight-lacing and other practices for wearing corsets
* Corset Styles and Silhouettes

2. Create My Ideal Wardrobe.

I have a specific look I want to go for. I’m calling it: Witchy Victorian Goth (with Corporate Goth in there too). Super creative, right?

So why in the world am I making this a goal for my blog? Well, because it provides me the motivation to do this if I’m sharing that experience with others. Also, since I plan to incorporate corsets as both foundation pieces and fashion pieces in my wardrobe, this will provide another way for you to get insight into incorporating corsets into your wardrobe and what to expect from that, both the good and the bad.

So I plan to purge my closet with a critical eye. If the clothes don’t meet the following criteria, they’re getting donated.
* Contribute to my aesthetic of Witchy Victorian Goth
* Are comfortable and practical
* Fit me properly

I then plan to rebuild my wardrobe with about 75% of it being clothing I make myself.

3. Launch a Corset Making 101 Workshop

While I want to provide as much knowledge as possible here on my blog, some people learn better hands on. If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area or are willing to assist with travel expenses for me, I will be putting together corset making workshops where I will teach you what I know of how to make corsets. I want to launch the first one in 2018 for making a single layer underbust corset using a pattern of my own design.

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