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Edwardian Style Skirts

Last year I found an a simple tutorial for making an Edwardian skirt with various numbers of panels on Tudor Links, in their free patterns section.  I drafted up the 5 gore pattern for myself, and this has quickly become one of my favorite skirt patterns, especially for work. The fitted front looks quite good with a nice button up blouse and blazer, or other dressier style tops. They can also be dressed down with a plain Tshirt and shrug or sweater. I also particularly like this pattern because it’s not as full as a 3/4 or full circle skirt and doesn’t get caught under the wheels of my desk chair when I scoot up to or back from my desk. But it’s full enough that it doesn’t restrict movement getting in or out of cars, which is a big deal for me since I make several trips to and from work each work day

Unfortunately I have run into two problems with my pattern as it is.

  1. No Pockets
  2. The fitted waist band means it doesn’t convert easily from corset wearing days to non-corseted days.

I’m sticking with my goal on all my clothes will be functional, so my skirts must have pockets. I’m also really hoping to avoid needing create my wardrobe in double to accommodate corseted and noncorseted days.

Since pockets can be addressed as part of the pattern, I’m going to tackle that first. (tbc)


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