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Bound Angel Designs is a blog about sewing corsets, sewing clothing to wear with the corseted and non corseted figure in mind, and planning these projects. Explore these topics with me as I share my adventures
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Bound Angel Designs is your access to everything I know about corsetry and sewing. Really!

If you’re interested in sewing, getting tips and tricks for sewing and making corsets, tips for planning your sewing projects, some corsetry fashion tidbits and the inside down and dirty to wearing corsets, this site will be an amazing resource for you. This website is the home of my sewing and corsetry knowledge and passion, and I want to share all of that with you.

It almost didn’t come to be. Originally planned as a store front, I almost took it down when I made the personal decision to stop taking corsetry commissions as a main goal.  It then sat abandoned for a few years and I again thought about deleting the entire thing. This changed when I realized I still had a lot to offer people besides actual, physical corsets.

My goal with B.A.D. is no longer to make corsets for you, but to provide you with a giant toolbox of knowledge, and network of resources, so that  you can learn to sew and make your own corsets and whatever else you want to sew up. I also want to give you some real insight into what wearing corsets daily in today’s day and age is like, and how they can be an integral part of your wardrobe and health.

Yes, you heard me right! Corsets can be healthy for you! I believe that corseting responsibly and knowledgeably can improve one’s well-being, both mentally and physically.

So Why In The World Should You Listen To Me?

Before I get too much further, let me introduce myself. I’m Lori; the madwoman behind Bound Angel Designs. In one breath I’m: an artist, seamstress, nerd, gamer, aspiring cosplayer, pet-mom, wife/sub to my husband/Sir, urban witch, beginner archer, runner (Runner 5, checking in! / I am Spartan!), data junkie,  and corporate goth. I have a very “take-me-as-I-am,-or-leave-me-alone” attitude. I live by a personal code of “don’t be a dick,” so I don’t tolerate dickish behavior on my blog.

Corsetry As Art

I listed artist first for a reason, I have always identified as an artist first and foremost. From very, very, early on I have always loved drawing and if you want to follow my artsy antics as I get back into my art endevours, feel free to check out my Instagram.  However, as it applies to why you’re here: to me corsetry is also an art-form to me; a gorgeous and sensual feat of structural engineering that temporarily changes the shape of a body. There is a lot of creativity that can go into corsetry. I have taken all of my artistic drive from the years of not doing any drawing and poured it into learning corsetry and sewing. It has been my sole artistic outlet for almost 8 years now.

My Sewing Journey

I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember. My mom was the seamstress of the family, and I learned from her at a pretty early age. I first got into corsetry when I was in the 7th, or maybe 8th, grade during the American Civil War re-enactments I went to with my family. Aside from needing historically accurate underpinnings, many of the dresses simply don’t look right, or wouldn’t fit at all, without a corset supporting them. The corset also helped distribute all the weight from wearing up to 8 skirts at once. Since my mom is a talented seamstress, we figured we could take on the challenge of creating our own corsets.


I’m not gonna lie, that first attempt wasn’t all that great. Ok, it was really bad.


One of my biggest corsetry strictures is that if the corset isn’t comfortable, DON’T WEAR IT!  It’s kind of like shoes. If you’re just in it for fashion … sure. You can fudge this. But when wearing it for than 30 minutes, comfort is key. You’ve gotta get used to wearing different corset silhouettes and it’s important that a corset will fit your bone structure.


So let me admit something, even though I did not that rule back then, that first corset I made really was a torture trap and broke that rule bad. It was probably a good half inch or so too big on me all the way around, the shape was not even remotely correct, and oh man the pressure points caused by wrapping the laces around the waist to make it fit… We used welding rods as boning, which had no give and very quickly started tearing through the boning channels.  The eyelets we put in shredded the cord we used as laces and poked through my chemises and tore them too. But I was HOOKED.


Unfortunately I cannot find any picture of that first corset to share 🙁  But here is my second attempt. I had found real bones at a shop stall at one of the events, but used the wrong materials for *everything* else. The fabric is stretchy and it was not roll pinned to the support fabric. Regardless of the fact that it wouldn’t have mattered because the support fabric was also stretchy, I think it’s stretchier than the spider web fabric because every seam has split. My construction methods are laughable. But damn was I so proud of this in early highschool.

The second corset I ever made, front view
The second corset I ever made, front view
The second corset I ever made, side view
The second corset I ever made, side view
The second corset I ever made, back view.
The second corset I ever made, back view
Detail shot of second corset I ever made, showing the ripped seams.
Detail shot of second corset I ever made, showing the ripped seams.

I have since learned a lot more about corset making and sewing in general. The internet really opened many doors that I didn’t know existed back then, and has made many resources available to me that I would never have found on my own otherwise. I’ve now had the opportunity to learn making corsets from other corset makers in the industry and have become a much better seamstress because of it.

My Wardrobe Journey

I grew as a military brat and moved quite frequently as a kid. For what I consider my self-discovery years (middle school through high school) I lived in the Mojave desert of Southern California. I bring this up because it was one of 2 things that forever changed my wardrobe choices.


Sometime in late 8th grade or early 9th grade, my mom had me start helping wash my own clothes. You know what I discovered, sweat stains SUCKED, and I didn’t like showing that I sweated. Solution? Taking after my older brother and wearing black. From that summer on, my clothing has been decidedly dark. I spent some time bringing some color into my clothes and toning down the goth style so I could get a “good” job, but I’m slowly going back to my comfort zone of almost all black.

A typical example of my wardrobe in highschool

The other influence of my clothing choices  was doing American Civil War re-enactments with my parents and one of my best friends. Since those days, my over all wardrobe has had a decided Victorian flair to it.  There was just something about the stockings, the boots and slippers, the chemise, corset and oh so many skirts that I still LOVE to this day.  However, recently, I’ve decided to tone the need for my clothes to be all Victorian inspired back … some.

My mom, my best friend, me, and my dad dressed in Civil War attire
Example of what I wear to work on a regular basis

What I mean by this is that for many years I was almost obsessed with my clothing being  Victorian-era-almost-period-correct. I would work with period correct patterns, or patterns very close to that. Now, I hybridize patterns, I make them fit my daily life and needs (POCKETS, ladies, I’m talking about pockets! I decided that any skirts or leggings I wear WILL HAVE POCKETS!).


But, essentially, I’m goth at heart and don’t follow trendy fashion. I also do not like the way most clothing I purchase fits me…. as in, unless it stretches, it doesn’t fit me the way I want. I am not a fan of jeans and find them to be more uncomfortable than corsets. Jeans are for working on cars, or in the yard or any time I need to add some protection to my legs. I wear long skirts 90% of the time. This is a hard wardrobe ideal to find in stores. So I am moving towards making at least 75% of my own clothing.

Yes, I’m Mostly Self Taught

By now you’ve probably guess that no, I do not have an formal school or thorough training in sewing or corsetry. Everything I know has been gained from at least 15 years of just doing it on my own to learn what I can. Tearing apart the failures, and starting again. I realize that this might be seen a negative to some readers, and if so, I understand if you leave. But I can promise you, whatever information I provide to you, I believe in and has worked for me. I will also share my failures so you can learn from them as well, and show you how I’ve fixed them.

A Bit More About Me Personally

At the beginning of the page I listed a several other descriptors about myself that maybe aren’t totally relevant to this website. But they make me, ME and might sneak into posts as a side note here and there. So if you’re curious read on.

I’m currently married to a wonderful man named Richard. We met in college in computer science classes while we both lived in Lawton, Oklahoma and have since moved to Portland, Oregon.  I’ve fallen in love with the Pacific NorthWest.


Richard and I don’t have children, but we do have pets. My pets are very important part of my life. Let me introduce you to them!




Richard and I don’t have children, but we do have pets. My pets are very important part of my life. Let me introduce you to them!

Richard and I when he surprised with VIP tickets to Cique de Soleil
My female dog, Pandora. She's a min pin. She's diabetic and almost blind.
My male dog, Lupin. He's a min pin Italian greyhound mix
My cat, Midnight
My Corn snake, Severus Snake. My Hognose, Pugsly. and my ball Python, Aragog
My Corn snake, Severus Snake. My Hognose, Pugsly. and my ball Python, Aragog

Back to Richard and I, we were married at the end of May 2017 in our friends’ gorgeous back yard with close friends and family there. It was a decidedly non-traditional wedding.

Our wedding. copyright Light Shadow Design

You can check out the wedding pictures and more about that on our wedding website.


We are also in a 24/7 power exchange Master/slave relationship. I only mention this for complete honesty on my part, as some sewing projects have been kink related and one of my goals is to make a functional bondage corset some day. I’m still working some kinks though (#punintended)


And I am an Urban Witch. I mention this because one of my goals for relaxing the Victorian death grip on my wardrobe is to bring in a more witchy dark boho flair to it.  I won’t be posting about my spiritual path, but when I share outfits or make things that have a witchy flair to them, I don’t want anyone to be shocked and outraged.

I’m also a nerd and a gamer. From early on video games have had an impotant role for me. They weren’t the ‘shut away in my room ignoring the world’ type of role, but the ‘the family sat around and gamed together’ role. Even single player games were played with family all gathered in the living room, and my mom would ALWAYS side seat game. Things like “don’t miss that grotto”, “I think there’s a chest over there” “Don’t fall over the cliff!” were commonly heard. I grew up playing and watching my family play the various versions of Zelda (my brother and I even have matching Zelda tattoos!). When I moved away to go to college, my family played World of Warcraft together to keep in touch.

My brother and I got matching Legend of Zelda tattoos

But video games aren’t the only games I love. I love board games, especially co-op ones like Betrayal at the House on the Hill. And I’m getting into Cosplaying. My husband and I cosplayed as Harley and the Joker in 2011, but recently became friends with a group that does cosplaying more seriously. I think we’re going to get far more into it and attend more Cons. So there may be future posts about cosplaying as well!

Richard and I as Harley Quinn and Joker in 2011 at SDCC

And beyond games, I’m an avid reader and love my nerd shows. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter play a big role in my references as in, if you haven’t at least seen those movies I  might sound like I’m speaking parseltongue.

These things might creep into the blog here and there, but I promise I will try my hardest to keep things relevant to sewing and corsetry.